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Dennis Zgambo

Dennis Zgambo is an extraordinary artist born in Malawi. In the year 2002 Dennis moved to South Africa and in 2008 his wife and four children followed. Dennis had no formal art training and is self taught. “I believe God called me to paint with a message in 1991.

I don’t paint for money. I paint because I have a message to share. There are two ways, good and evil. There are two chiefs, Christ and the Devil. Christ being Chief of good and the Devil being the chief of evil.

My paintings are about these two sides and the power of choice”. Dennis finds his inspiration in his love for Christ and the Word of God. The detail with which he paints takes the art lover on a journey through the truth of the bible and sheds light on some of the aspects and realities we so easily miss.

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Dennis is passionate about the Word of God and his dream is to teach and preach internationally. Until that dream is realized, Dennis devotes himself to preaching through his paintings.

Through his love for Gods Word and his passion for the importance of education, Dennis inspired us to launch this fund raising project for schools and churches.