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“I am not an artist; I am a lifelong student of the arts.” These words of Pieter Jacques Krugel (1958) explain why he views his talent as part of his being, instead of a mere extension of his life.

The sounds, spaces and smells of Africa inspire his colourful paintings of broad brush strokes with washes and layers. “This continent is such an onslaught on the senses. Nowhere on earth is this light intensity and variety of textures to be found. I enjoy the language of colour and create energy by using strong contrasting hues.”

Magnificent landscapes and Nguni cattle scenes in acrylic paint on canvas have become his signature work and grace the walls of many local and international art collectors. Each of his works reminds him of his birthplace and its magic – the open skies and endless vastness. Currently advancing into a more classical phase and influenced by the works of the grand masters, Pieter Jacques is turning more to oil on canvas.

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After matriculating, Pieter Jacques obtained a national diploma in Graphic Design at the then Pretoria Technikon. His fascination with the golden means or golden ratio principle from his graphic design studies has led to him still applying this principle in his work today.

He utilised the knowledge and skills in video production and artistic functions for a major national corporation. His video productions saw him travelling to Namibia and its West Coast, the Kalahari, Botswana, Okovango Swamps, Lake Malawi and many other locations to film the Koi and San tribes, endangered species and other environmental issues.

However, inevitably Pieter Jacques could no longer ignore the call of his first love and he picked up his paint brushes full-time again.