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Jerry Lion Matau

Jerry Lion Motau was born on the third of March 1975 in the Limpopo province of South Africa.

His father, Judah Lion, and his uncle, Julian Motau, were also Artists before they passed away. Jerry discovered his gift at an early age. On noticing his talent, his father encouraged him to draw in pencil and do sketches for practice.

From then, the artist never looked back. His passion for pencils is evident in some of his works on show.

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He came to Johannesburg, the city of opportunities in the year 2000 in search of greener pastures and to become a full-time artist. There he met some prominent local artists who inspired and encouraged him to pursue art.

He also had workshops with some of them and was able to benefit from their tutelage. Arlindo Maunde, an artist from Mozambique, has managed to create a bond with Jerry through working and selling art together. While both artists use the same subject matter their work differs in art mediums as well as the techniques.

He has been commissioned by the South African Post Office to do illustrations for stamps.

Jerry lives and works in Hillbrow – a vibrant part of Johannesburg where he draws most of his inspiration, recording moments in time about life in and around Johannesburg