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Munro has been painting from his studio in Graskop for the past 10 years. The surrounding landscapes and his travels throughout Europe have inspired him to capture colorful and vibrant work.

His love of texture reflects in his work where it asks to be touched. A confident style executed with love, reflects a boldness that only comes with a deep understanding of the media.

No brush is used in the execution of the painting. The work originates through a new approach redefining builders’ tools as pallet knives are the only tools Munro uses.

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Widely traveled, in search of new scenes, Munro depicts a wide variety of international images from “African Savannas” to “Tuscan Hills”, “Ripe vineyards” and “Moody Autumn Light”. His passion for color, texture and light are always characteristic of his work.

Truly an artist out of the African soil with an international appeal, Munro’s paintings are represented in corporate and private collections throughout South Africa and abroad.