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Solly Manthata

Solly Manthata was born in Germiston on the 31st of May 1962. His mother was a domestic worker from the Eastern cape and his father worked on the mines in Germiston as a clerk.

In 1964 when the mines closed down in Germiston they moved as a family to Carletonville where his father continued his mining career. Solly was two years old at the time.

He and his siblings, three sisters and a brother grew up and had their early schooling in this mining town. During the 1976 riots his father decided that it was safer to further their schooling in Limpopo.

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This brought Solly closer to natural surroundings and inspired in him a love for art even though he had been drawing from the early age of nine. After matriculating he went on to work at the mines in the Human Resources department. After 22 long years he left the mining industry and went on to work for a company in Rusternburg. He recently started painting full time and to his great surprise the demand for his art works have steadily increased.

“I can basically paint almost anything but my passion lies mostly in painting colourful farm landscapes with beautiful trees, rivers and mountains from all around southern africa. I have never had any formal art training, it is all a gift from God. I am fascinated with and inspired by many of the old South African masters like Adriaan Boshoff, Errol Boyeley, Chris Tugwell, George Pemba and Gerald Sekoto. My personal code: Visual art is silent poetry of colours and images.”